About Our Fabrics and Patterns

Our Patterns

Our goal in designing sewing patterns is to balance great style with simple design. Each bag has been developed to be useful, durable, and beautiful, without being overly fussy or difficult to make.  Each bag design has been tested for functionality and strength. Here is what you can expect with all of our patterns:

  • Simple materials: If using recommended fabrics, there is no need for additional interfacings or stabilizers
  • Nothing too tricky: Beyond sewing through thick seams and mastering a tidy straight stitch, our bags do not require specialized equipment or advanced sewing skills. 
  • No raw edges: All pattern details are designed to have the raw edge of the fabric concealed. 
  • Additional resources: We have a wealth of tutorials, videos, and blog posts to help you with your bag. 
  • PDF Format: At present, all patterns are available as PDF downloads. Our patterns give the measurements for the pattern pieces, as well as very detailed instructions for assembling your bag. There are no actual pattern pieces to cut out. 

Our Products

One of the challenges that home bag makers face is finding high quality hardware that all goes together.

  • All of our handbag hardware is solid metal. We test the durability of our fabrics, zippers, and hardware by using our bags in daily life. 
  • We also sell 100% cotton webbing in a variety of colors and weights. 
  • While we used to sell waxed canvas fabric, we are no longer able to offer it in this shop. For a list of waxed canvas resources, please click HERE.