Our Story



Red Rabbit Mercantile is a mother and daughter operation based in Boulder, Colorado.  Annie (the mother) has been sewing since sometime in the 1960s.  As a gifted quilter and resident perfectionist,  Annie designs clever details for our patterns and tests each bag element exhaustively.

Mariah (the daughter) came to sewing a little more recently, and has mostly pursued garment sewing. She has been highly involved with the online indie sewing community, which she wrote about on her blog, Blackberry Jamble.  As the mother of a toddler,  Mariah knows the importance of a good everyday bag, and strives to find the perfect balance between utilitarian and chic in her designs.



I first got the idea for Red Rabbit Mercantile when I made one of my first bags. I wanted a bag that I could use everyday, that I wouldn't get tired of, and that could take a bit of a beating. I couldn't find an existing pattern to fit the bill, so I made up my own. Sourcing materials for this project was a headache- I ended up getting the fabric, hardware, and straps from four or five different sources. I found myself wishing for a kit that would have everything I needed. Thus, the concept for Red Rabbit Mercantile was born, and with a lot of help from my mom we have made it a reality. Our goal is to bring you patterns for practical, sturdy everyday bags and provide all of the necessary materials to bring your creation to life. 

Happy Sewing!