Tutorial: An Easier Way to Make an Adjustable Webbing Strap

One of the wonderful things about sewing is that there is often more than one way to do things. I had this realization when I was making Betz White's Weekender Duffel. When she came to making the adjustable strap, she demonstrated a way to do it that was just much easier than the way that I've been doing it!


Tutorial: Two Ways to Make an Adjustable Webbing Strap

Adjustable webbing straps are a great design detail for any bag. They are practical, sturdy, and stylish, and once you get the hang of it, not difficult to make. 

There are various ways to make adjustable webbing straps, and I have created an illustrated tutorial that demonstrates two of my favorite methods.

Hedgerow Book Bag

Teaching and Learning: Fancy Tiger Classes and a Small Pattern Fix

Over the past couple of weeks I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to teach a couple of bag making classes at Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver (check them out- they have an online shop if you can't make it to the store!) 

Better Bag Making

Sewing Machine Maintenance for Waxed Canvas

If you only sew with waxed canvas occasionally, there is probably no need for any special maintenance of your equipment. However, if you get hooked to sewing with waxed canvas, the waxy finish of the fabric can begin to take its toll on your sewing machine and sewing supplies. Here are a few tips for keeping your equipment in good shape when working with waxed canvas:

Finished Projects

Finished Project: Noodlehead Divided Basket in Waxed Canvas

It is always fun to experiment with trying new projects using waxed canvas. I thought that the Divided Basket from Noodlehead would be particularly well suited to waxed canvas, and that a waxed canvas basket would be an attractive addition to my home decor!