Matching Threads: A Few Suggestions

While we currently don't sell thread with our kits, we have some suggestions for Guterman colors that match our waxed canvas and Eco Twill fabric colors. We debated selling thread with our kits, but ultimately decided that different machine's take different threads and most people would want to use whatever brand they like best. 

We have found that Guterman 100% Polyester All Purpose thread is a good choice for sewing with waxed canvas, and here are our color recommendations:

Field Tan Waxed Canvas: Guterman Color 551 (Cocoa)

Olive Waxed Canvas: Guterman Color 780 (Olive)

Slate Blue Waxed Canvas: Gutterman Color 117 (Peppercorn)

Charcoal Waxed Canvas: Gutterman Color 115 (Smoke)

Nantucket Red Waxed Canvas: Gutterman Color 393 (Honeysuckle)

Navy Waxed Canvas: Gutterman Color 278 (Midnight)

Chocolate Waxed Canvas: Guterman Color 587 (Espresso)

Black Waxed Canvas: Guterman Color 278 (Black)

Stone Eco Twill: Guterman Color 70 (Dark Bone)

Honey Eco Twill: Guterman Color 715 (Old Moss)

Khaki Eco Twill: Guterman Color 523 (Pebble)

Charcoal Eco Twill: Guterman Color 115 (Smoke)

Guterman Threads can be found at "Big-Box" sewing stores such as Jo Ann's Fabrics. Red Rock Threads sells every color of Guterman Thread, and they are all listed in order by number with a color sample for easy ordering. 

If you need additional help with choosing threads, please contact us and we will see what we can do!