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Benjamin Dopp Kit Sew Along Day 1: Gathering Your Supplies

Welcome to Day 1 of the Benjamin Dopp Kit Sew Along! Today we will discuss the supplies and materials need to make your bag.

If you want to make things easy on yourself, hop on over to our Kit Shop and pick up your Benjamin Dopp Kit Supply Kit, which comes with the fabric and notions to make your bag, as well as the PDF pattern. Our kits are customizable, so you can choose from our eight colors of waxed canvas and four colors of lining. If you aren't sure what colors go well together, take a look at The Red Rabbit Mercantile Guide to Pairing Fabrics for some great ideas. Don't forget, subscribers to our email list get 15% off their Benjamin Supply Kit! Enter your email below to get your coupon code:

And now for the supplies:


For the outer body you will need 1/4 yard of heavy weight fabric. We recommend canvas that is at least 10 oz weight. Waxed canvas is particularly great for this project because it is water-resistant.

For the lining, you will need 1/4 yard of mid-weight fabric such as twill. You might consider using a dark color lining that would hide stains and dirt better, as toiletry kits are sometimes home to leaking bottles of lotions and potions. 

For my sample bag I'm using Nantucket Red Waxed Canvas and Light Stone Eco Twill

A Note on Waxed Canvas: 

If this is your first time working with waxed canvas, check out our guide to working with waxed canvas for some great pointers.

As you can see in the photo below, I have a pretty deep crease on one piece of my waxed canvas.

Waxed canvas gets marks on it as you work with it. Over time, these marks become less noticeable and the fabric achieves a suede-like appearance. I personally like the look of all of the marks that occur as I work with my waxed canvas, but if you do want to get rid of a crease like this, you can "heal" the canvas with a little pressing. See our post on Healing Waxed Canvas for more. Whenever you press waxed canvas, make sure to use a press cloth to protect your iron and your work surface from melted oil and wax. 


You will need a 12" non-separating zipper. We supply a high-quality nylon handbag zipper in our kits because we have found that the nylon zippers have the smoothest action. You can also use a metal zipper if you prefer.

 In case you've never seen them, these are metal spots

In case you've never seen them, these are metal spots

You will also need four metal bag feet, a 4" x 9" piece of plastic embroidery mesh, and two 1/4" metal spots. The metal spots are just for decoration, so you can omit them if you like. I have to say they do look pretty great.

You will also want thread to match your outer fabric as well as your lining fabric. See our thread matching guide for help finding thread to coordinate with your fabric. We generally recommend using denim needles when sewing with waxed canvas, but I have found that universal needles also work for this project. 

Sewing Supplies:

You will need the following tools:

A clear plastic ruler and seam gauge

A seam-ripper

Clips (Such as Wonder Clips)- These are optional but very helpful as they work better than pins for securing waxed canvas

Marking tools (air-soluble marker, pencil, chalk, etc. I like to use a knitting needle to mark waxed canvas)- Consider that you won't be able to wash your finished bag, so make sure your marking tools come off easily !

Zipper Foot

We will give you a couple of days to gather your supplies before we start sewing! Please let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about the fabrics or supplies needed for this bag!