Sew Alongs

Benjamin Dopp Kit Sew Along Day 3: Sew the Bottom Seams

Today is a pretty easy step, so it will give you all plenty of time to get out there and vote! Once that's done, take a break for a nice and easy step of the Benjamin Dopp Kit Sew Along. 

Today we will be sewing the bottom seams of the dopp kit. 

First, switch the top thread to match the lining. Bring right sides of Lining Body (C) pieces together, line up all raw edges, and pin. Sew along bottom edge (the side opposite the zipper), leaving a 4”-6" gap. You may want to reduce your stitch length for an extra strong seam. Backstitch at the start and finish of the gap. This video demonstrates this step:

Switch thread to match outer fabric. Bring right sides of Outer Body (A) pieces together and pin, then sew along bottom edge. 

Once you've completed these two steps, your bag will look like this:

Press or crease your seam allowances open. Make sure to get a good crisp press on your lining seam. 

Fold the each side of the pouch so that the bottom seams are centered along the zipper as demonstrated in the video below. Press or crease well so that the pieces will maintain this shape. 

And here is a photo of how your folded bag will look:

That's all for today- tune in tomorrow to make zipper tabs!