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Benjamin Dopp Kit Sew Along Day 6: Flip Your Bag, Insert the Bag Base and Feet, and Close it up!

We've made to the final day of our Benjamin Dopp Kit Sew Along! There are just a couple more things we need to do to finish our bag. 

Turn the bag right side out by pulling the Outer Body (A) and Lining Body (C) through the gap in the bottom of the lining and the open zipper. Gently stuff the lining into the outer body, carefully using a chopstick or point turner to poke out the corners. Here is a video demonstrating how to gently turn your bag:

To add the bag base and bag feet, double check the measurement of the plastic embroidery mesh to make sure it matches the measurement of the bottom of the bag. Trim to fit if needed.  This will be your bag base. You may choose to slightly round the corners of the plastic mesh to prevent them from wearing out your waxed canvas over time. Mark the the placement for the bag feet on both the Outer Body (A) as well as on the bag base, 3/4” in from each corner. 

Using a seam ripper or scissors, poke a small hole through each of the markings on the Outer Body (A)  and bag base, then insert the bag base through the 4” gap in the bottom of the Lining Body (C). Insert the prongs of the bag feet into the holes in the Outer Body (A) and bag base. Reach inside the lining gap to spread out the prongs on the bag feet and press them flush with the bag base. This video demonstrates how to insert the bag base and feet:

Slipstitch the gap in the lining closed by hand or sew by machine. Here is a demo of how I hand stitch my bags shut:

That's it! I hope that your bag turned out beautifully! I would love to see photos of your bag and hear your feedback on our pattern, the kits, and the Sew Along! Please comment below, or use our contact form to get in touch!

Here is my finished bag:

 My finished Benjamin Dopp Kit in Nantucket Red Waxed Canvas with a Stone Lining

My finished Benjamin Dopp Kit in Nantucket Red Waxed Canvas with a Stone Lining

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