Sew Alongs

The Hedgerow Sew Along Day 1: Materials and Supplies

One of the great things about the Hedgerow Book Bag is that it's supply list is very straightforward. The simple design of the bag will let your fabrics shine. 

Of course, we recommend making it easy on yourself to get your supplies for this bag by ordering one of our supply kits. The supply kits are completely customizable, so you can choose from our nine beautiful colors of waxed canvas, four colors of Eco Twill Lining Fabric, and four colors of webbing. Plus we can vouch that a Hedgerow sewn from one of our kits will turn out beautifully!

Here are the material and supply requirements for this bag: 

Outer Body: 1/2 yard heavy fabric such as waxed canvas, canvas, or denim. Look for fabric that is 10-12 oz weight. Fabric must be at least 44" wide, but keep in mind that it will be a tight fit and a wider fabric give you some more breathing room. Lighter weight fabrics can be used, though we do recommend interfacing lighter fabrics with woven interfacing for best results. 

Lining: 1/2 yard medium fabric such as twill, poplin, or lighter weight canvas (5-7 oz). Again, fabric must be at least 44" wide, but wider fabrics might be more comfortable to sew with. Lighter weight fabrics such as quilting cottons can be used, but we would recommend interfacing them with woven interfacing. 

1 yard of 1" wide cotton webbing (lightweight or medium weight)

1 x 18mm Magnetic Snap

2 x small scraps of interfacing to stabilize the snap

100% Polyester All-Purpose Thread that coordinates with both the outer fabric and the lining

Denim needles (recommended)

In addition, we recommend have a pair of pliers and little bit of craft glue on hand for inserting the snap. 

We will give you a few days to allow you to gather your supplies, and then we will get down to sewing this bag!