Sew Alongs

The Hedgerow Book Bag Sew Along Day 3: Assemble Outer Bag

Now that the pocket has been sewn on to what will be the outer front of our Hedgerow, we can move onto assembling the outer bag body. 

Place the two Outer Body (A) pieces right sides together with all edges aligned. 

Sew the side seams and bottom seam. Crease all seam allowances open. 

Now for the boxed bottom. Check out our video on how to make a boxed bottom:

At one bottom corner, open the bag up and line up the bottom seam and side seam, right sides together. Pin or clip. Sew across the corner opening. Trim seam allowance to 1/4”. Repeat on other corner.

Flip the outer bag body right side out and use a point turner or chopstick to gently push out the corners. 

Position each end of the webbing over the side seams, with the raw edge of the webbing lined up with the raw edge of the Outer Body (A). Clip or pin in place, taking care not to twist the strap. If using pins, try to pin within the 1/2 seam allowance so that you don’t poke too many holes in the outer bag fabric. Try the bag on to see if you like the length. Shorten the webbing if necessary, then stitch in place with a 1/4” seam allowance. Reinforce with an extra row of stitches. 

And voila! Your outer bag is assembled.