Sew Alongs

The Hedgerow Sew Along Day 4: Assemble the Lining

Time to assemble the lining on the Hedgerow Book Bag!

Line up a top facing piece (C) with the top edge of one body lining piece (C), right sides together. Pin or clip, then stitch. It is always best to sew with the waxed canvas on top, as it will prevent the lining from stretching as you sew. Press or crease the seam allowance up, toward the the top facing. 

From the right side, topstitch along the seam on the top facing, about 1/8” from the seam. Repeat for the other lining piece. 

Now we will insert the magnetic snap on the facing. Here is a helpful video demonstrating this step:

Mark the snap placement by using the metal backing piece as a guide. Center the backing piece in the middle of the facing, with the top of the snap 1 1/4” down from the top edge of the facing.

Apply interfacing on the wrong side of top facing (C) behind the snap marking. If using waxed canvas, which should not be ironed, apply interfacing with a small dab of glue.  

Using a sharp pair of embroidery scissors or a seam ripper, carefully make a tiny slit along each marking. From the right side of the top facing, insert snap prongs into the slits. 

On the wrong side of the top facing, insert backing piece. Press the prongs of the snap toward each other and flatten. Use pliers if necessary. Repeat snap placement on the other side. You may choose to glue a little bit of interfacing on top of the snap back as well, to protect your outer fabric from wear and tear caused by the snap prongs. 

Time to assemble the rest of the lining! The process for assembling the lining is nearly the same as for the outer bag.

Pin the lining body pieces (D) right sides together, with the edges of the top facings (C) aligned and pin or clip. Sew the side seams and press open.

Sew the bottom seam with a 5/8” seam allowance, leaving an 6” gap in the middle of the seam. Backstitch at the start and end of this gap. Press seam allowance open. 

Follow the instructions to create boxed corners on the lining of the bag, with one difference: when stitching across the corner, use a 5/8” seam allowance. Using a slightly larger seam allowance will help the lining fit nicely into the outer bag.

Our outer bag is done and our lining is done- now we just have to put them together! Join us tomorrow to finish up our Hedgerow!