Fabric Pairing, Bramble Bag

The Red Rabbit Mercantile Guide to Fabric Pairing

With so many beautiful colors to choose from for your bag kits, we thought you might like a little help deciding! We've photographed some suggested pairings here, but if you are curious about how a certain combination would look, please contact us and we can email you a picture of the swatches together!

First, here is a quick rundown of our current fabric offerings. You can read more about our fabrics in our Fabric Shop

Waxed Canvas Colors: Field Tan, Olive, Navy, Slate Blue, Charcoal, Chocolate, Nantucket Red, Burgundy, and Black*

*A note on our black waxed canvas: due to our manufacturer's process, the black waxed canvas has a slightly different character than our other waxed canvas. It is a little shinier, and doesn't attain the sueded appearance with wear that our other waxed canvases do. We recommend using it for the bottom of bags only, rather than for the main bag body.

Eco Twill Lining Colors: Light Stone, Charcoal, Honey, and Khaki


Lining Colors New Badge.png

Windsor Poplin Pocket Lining Colors: Terracotta, Burgundy, Misty Blue, and Caribbean Blue

Next, some general advice about choosing your colors:

1) Think about the bag's main purpose. If you are going to be using it everyday, a neutral color that will go with most of your clothing will be the best choice. Suggestions include Field Tan, Olive, Chocolate, and Charcoal. If you are looking for a little more fun and color for your bag, you may consider Nantucket Red, Burgundy, Slate Blue, or Navy.

2) Consider the lining. Personally, I like a light colored lining so that I can see what is in my bag. However, a darker lining is better for hiding stains and wear and tear over time. Our Charcoal Eco Twill would be a great choice for the Benjamin Dopp Kit, which may be more prone to getting dirty from grooming products. If you prefer a light colored lining, our Light Stone is a lovely neutral that pairs well with all of our waxed canvas colors. The Honey lining looks particularly beautiful with the Slate Blue waxed canvas. Khaki is a nice choice that pairs well with any of our waxed canvas colors and is in between the Light Stone and Charcoal in terms of its hue. 

3) Add a pop! The pocket lining on the Chamomile (Version A) and Bramble Bag is a great place to add a little pop of color. Most likely you will be the only one that knows it's there, but you will smile every time you reach for your keys. When deciding on your pocket lining, we suggest going for high contrast, as these pairings have the most visual impact. If you choose a Charcoal lining, consider the Terracotta or Burgundy for the pocket lining.  Our Honey lining goes beautifully with the Caribbean Blue or Misty Blue pocket linings. 

Here are some suggested pairings:

#1 Jewel Tones

This is a lovely combo would make a gorgeous Chamomile Tote. The main body fabric is Slate Blue, the contrast fabric is Black, the lining fabric is Honey, and the pocket lining fabric is Burgundy. 

#2: American Heritage

A Slate Blue Bramble Bag with a brown leather strap would make a gorgeous bag that could be dressed up or down. The Light Stone Lining and Terracotta pocket lining coordinate beautifully with the Slate Blue waxed canvas of the main bag body. 


4# Blue Suede Shoes

Our Slate Blue waxed canvas also looks great with the Khaki lining. This combo would be great for the Benjamin Dopp Kit or Hedgerow Book Bag. Pair with a black zipper in the case of the Benjamin, and black or khaki webbing in the case of the Hedgerow. 

#4 Black and Tan

Field Tan and Black are a great combo for a Chamomile Tote. Our Field Tan attains the look of sueded leather once it wears in, and look either dressy or casual depending on how you accessorize. Light Stone and Terracotta coordinate beautifully for the bag's interior. 

#5 Napa

A Field Tan Bramble Bag is a sure winner. Since it is one of our lighter waxed canvas colors, it looks nice with a charcoal lining. The Burgundy pocket lining offers a subtle contrast. Pair with a black leather strap to complete the look. 

#6 Nice Neutrals

You can't go wrong with this pairing for any of our patterns. Field Tan and Light Stone are the perfect neutrals for any bag.

#7 Nautical

Get read for a trip to the beach (even if it is just in your mind)! Nantucket Red and Navy waxed canvas are a classic nautical combination. The Light Stone lining is reminiscent of a sandy beach, and the misty blue pocket lining is the color of a calm ocean. Just add your bathing suit!

#8 Saturated

This is a combination that pops with vibrant color. The Nantucket Red waxed canvas looks great with a charcoal lining. If making a Bramble Bag, the Caribbean Blue pocket lining looks lovely. Pair with a black leather strap, or choose Navy webbing for a sporty look. 

#9 Apple Pie

Another pretty combo for the Bramble Bag- Nantucket Red waxed canvas, Charcoal lining, and Misty Blue pocket lining, shown with a black leather strap. 

#10 Picnic Time

This combo reminds me of ketchup and mustard...but in a good way! A Benjamin Dopp Kit or Hedgerow would look great with this fun color duo. Pair with either black or navy. 

#11 Autumnal

This understated color combination would make for a beautiful Chamomile Tote, with Olive and Black waxed canvas for the outer bag, a Light Stone lining, and a rich pop of Burgundy for the pocket lining.

#12 Acorn

Embrace a nature-inspired look with this pretty combination of Olive waxed canvas, Khaki lining, Terracotta pocket lining, and rich brown leather strap. 

#13 Drab

Olive waxed canvas and Honey lining look absolutely lovely together- a great combo for a Benjamin Dopp Kit, or a lovely neutral for a Hedgerow Book Bag. 

#14 Jaipur

This is a rich combination of luscious tones that would make a gorgeous Chamomomile Tote. For the outer bag, our Charcoal waxed canvas with Navy contrast details. For the inside, Honey lining with Caribbean Blue pocket lining.

#15 Elephant Ears

Charcoal is a beautiful choice for a Bramble Bag, especially in our waxed canvas that will achieve a suede-look over time. Khaki makes for a nice neutral lining, with Burgundy for a pop of color in the pocket lining. Pair with either black or brown leather straps. 

#16 Chocolate Chip

A warm and comforting combo for a Chamomile Tote: Chocolate and Black waxed canvas for the outer bag, Honey for the lining, and Misty Blue for the pocket lining.

#17 Fireside

Chocolate waxed canvas, Light Stone Lining, and Terracotta pocket lining combine for a beautiful Bramble. Pair with a black leather strap. 

#18 Midnight

This combo makes for a dark, velvety Chamomile Tote. The outer bag is Navy waxed canvas with Black contrast details. The interior is Light Stone, and the pocket lining is Terracotta. 

#19 Thoroughbred

A Navy Bramble with a brown leather strap will be at home in elegant settings. Use Charcoal for a deep-colored lining, with Burgundy pocket lining for a luxurious look. 

#20 Classic

Navy waxed canvas with a Light Stone lining make for a classic combo that will be perfect for a Benjamin Dopp Kit or a Hedgerow Book Bag. 

#21 School Colors

Navy waxed canvas and Honey lining are another classic combo for a Benjamin Dopp Kit or Hedgerow Book Bag. 

#22 Tuscany

This beautiful combination of Burgundy and Navy waxed canvas, paired with a Khaki lining and a Misty Blue pocket lining would be right at home on a Chamomile Tote at a picnic in the rolling green hills of the Tuscan countryside. 

#23 Red Velvet

Burgundy waxed canvas, Charcoal Eco Twill Lining, and Misty Blue pocket lining would make for an absolutely glamorous Bramble Bag. A leather strap in either black or brown would up the "wow" factor even more. 

#24 Sedona

Burgundy waxed canvas, Honey Eco Twill Lining, and Caribbean Blue pocket lining would make a beautifully colorful Bramble Bag. 

There are more possible combinations of course, but hopefully these suggestions will get you started. As always, don't hesitate to contact us with questions about our fabrics! We are here to help you make a beautiful bag.