Bramble Bag, Styling Your Bags

Styling Your Bags: A Boulder Style Bramble

Today's style inspiration comes from Boulder, Colorado. Unlike a lot of people that live here, I actually have pretty deep roots in this town. This is where my mom grew up, and where I visited my grandparents as a kid. While I mostly grew up elsewhere in Colorado, my husband and I moved to Boulder nearly 7 years ago, and now we are raising a family of our own here. 

Boulder has a dubious reputation in the style department. It was named "The Worst Dressed Town That Looks Best Naked" by GQ a few years ago. Yes, neon running clothes, yoga pants, and technical fabrics are all ubiquitous here. Whatever its style woes, however, Boulder still inspires me with its unique mix of the urban and the natural. It is a real city that literally abuts the mountains, mixing elements of outdoorsiness and metropolitan glamor. 

Take this picture of my grandmother circa 1962. In this picture she's the very essence of Colorado cool. Though when I knew her she was more into Jansport fanny packs and technical baseball caps, I feel like this photo embodies the mix of rugged and chic that Boulder is all about- a flannel shirt with a dash of red lipstick. Jeans and sweaters. Boots and jackets. 

 My glamorous grandmother, rocking her mountain-chic style

My glamorous grandmother, rocking her mountain-chic style

The Bramble that embodies this style for me is a sample that my mom made in slate blue, with a honey lining and a brown leather strap. I've paired it with my favorite boots and sweater, some shades for the bright Colorado sun, and of course, pink lipstick in honor of my grandmother.

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