Sew Alongs, Chamomile Tote

Chamomile Tote Sew Along Day 3: Make the Outer Pocket

Both versions of the Chamomile tote have a nice little pocket on the outside that's a great place to put your phone or keys. Version A's pocket is a lined zippered pocket, while Version B's pocket is just a simple lined pocket. 

Version A Outer Pocket:

The technique of this pocket is similar to making a lined zipper pouch. Use thread that matches the Outer Body fabric.

Lay Outer Zip Pocket Top (B) right side up. Place 7" zipper right side down on top of piece B with bottomedges aligned. Have the zipper pull on the left hand side. Note: The outer edge of the bottom zipper stop should be 1/2” in from the outer edge of piece B.

Place Outer Zip Pocket Lining Top (K) right side down, lining up the bottom edge with the bottom edges of piece B and the zipper tape. Use clips to secure. You now have a zipper sandwich. Using a zipper foot, stitch along the bottom edge, close to the zipper teeth. It may be helpful to mark your stitching line before sewing. We also recommend sewing with outer body fabric on top to minimize stretching of the lining fabric.

Open pieces B and K out so that wrong sides are together and crease away from the zipper. Topstitch from the right side, 1/8” away from the edge of the fabric

Repeat this process for the Outer Zip Pocket Bottom (C) and Outer Zip Pocket Bottom Lining (L). Now you have something that looks like this:

On piece B (the top), mark a parallel line 1” above the topstitched edge of the fabric.

Keeping B and K together, fold the top pocket toward the back side along this line, bringing the bottom edge of piece B to meet the bottom edge of piece C and the bottom of piece K to meet the bottom of piece L.

Topstitch 1/8” away from the top folded edge of B. Stitch along the bottom edge of pieces K and L to close the bottom of the pocket, and trim the seam allowance to 1/4”. Baste the bottom edges of pieces B and C together using a 1/4" seam allowance.

Version B Outer Pocket:

Place Outer Pocket (B) and Pocket Lining (F) right sides together with one long edge aligned. Stitch along the long edge. Press or crease the seam allowance toward the lining fabric.

Bring the wrong sides of Outer Pocket (B) and Pocket Lining (F) together so that the long raw edges match up. Press or crease at the top of the pocket so that about 1/4” of Outer Pocket (B) wraps around the back side of the pocket. Topstitch 1/8” away from the folded top edge.

For more help with this pocket, refer to our Hedgerow Sew Along post on making the pocket. The style of pocket on the Chamomile Tote Version B is very similar to the pocket on the Hedgerow, with the difference being that the bottom of the pocket on the Chamomile B doesn't need to be finished as it is on the Hedgerow.