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The Chamomile Tote Sew Along Day 5B: The Rest of Version B

For those of you making Chamomile Version B: after you make the pocket, attach the handles, and attach the contrast bottom panel of the bag, the rest of the process is pretty much exactly like the Hedgerow Book Bag. Since I already did quite a detailed Sew Along for the Hedgerow, I am going to refer you Chamomile B makers to the Hedgerow Posts that are relevant to sew the rest of your bag. 

At this point, you should have your Outer Bodies (A) fully assembled, with the pocket, handles, and bottom contrasting panels attached. The next step is to assemble the outer body, and then to assemble the lining. 

To assemble the outer bag, refer to THIS POST from the Hedgerow Book Bag Sew Along. Skip the step where you attach the strap, as you have already attached your handles. 

To assemble the lining and attach the snap, refer to THIS POST from the Hedgerow Book Bag Sew Along. 

To put the outer body and lining together and finish up the bag, refer to THIS POST from the Hedgerow Book Bag Sew Along. Make sure when you sew the outer body and lining together, you are keeping the handles well out of the way and in between the outer body and lining.  Now, you do need to rejoin the Chamomile Sew Along Post for one last thing, which is inserting the bag base and bag feet. We will do this on Day 9 of the Sew Along, or you can check out our Benjamin Dopp Kit Sew Along, which has a nice video demonstration of how to insert the bag base. The post on inserting the bag base can be found HERE.

I hope that your Chamomile Tote Version B turns out great!! As always, I would love to see pictures of your finished projects- you can email them to us at or share them on Instagram (tag us using our handle @redrabbitmercantile).

Olive Chamomile B.png