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An Update from the World of Waxed Canvas

Some of my wonderful students that have enrolled in my Craftsy Class have alerted me to the fact that Amazon is now carrying waxed canvas from Carr Textile! This is very exciting for many reasons. Carr Textile is where I sourced my waxed canvas when I was selling it my fabric shop, and I truly only have positive things to say about them! I was 100% impressed by the quality of their products and the level of customer service I received. But even more exciting for you, the sewist, is that Amazon has waaaay bigger purchasing power than I do, so they are able to offer a wider selection of waxed canvas at a much lower price that I could ever dream of. I'm all for supporting small businesses, but there are some things that Amazon can just do a lot better than I can!

I was browsing the selection, and a couple of really awesome things caught my eye: 

Plaid waxed canvas! How cool is that?! These are a bit lightweight, so I would recommend adding some stabilizer such as an extra layer of home dec or canvas. I'm dreaming of Benjamin Dopp Kits in Buffalo Plaid for every deserving gentleman in my life (or maybe just for me!)

How about a yellow waxed canvas bag? I think this color is so pretty, especially for fall! I could definitely see a really cute Hedgerow Book Bag with a navy webbing strap in this cheerful color.

I've never tried sewing with this Heavyweight Waxed Twill, but I know that this Burgundy color is one of my very favorites. You would want to make sure your sewing machine was up to the task of sewing 30 oz fabric, but you could certainly make something very durable with this fabric! 

I hope these ideas get your creative juices flowing! If you try any of these fabrics, I would love to know what you think!