Tutorial: Two Ways to Make an Adjustable Webbing Strap

Adjustable webbing straps are a great design detail for any bag. They are practical, sturdy, and stylish, and once you get the hang of it, not difficult to make. 

There are various ways to make adjustable webbing straps, and I have created an illustrated tutorial that demonstrates two of my favorite methods. 

Method 1 is the method that I use for the Bramble Bag with a Webbing Strap. It results in a strap that can clip onto hardware on the Bramble, allowing you to make the strap as a final step, and also making the strap interchangeable (switch it out for a leather strap for dressier occasions!)

Bramble Adjustable Strap

Method 2 results in a strap that you sew directly to the body of your bag while you are making it. One of my students at Fancy Tiger added this type of strap to her Hedgerow Book Bag, and it looked awesome! 

Hedgerow Adjustable Strap 1
Hedgerow Adjustable Strap 2

Both methods result in a sturdy, professional looking strap, so give them both a try and see what you prefer! Click on the button below for your free illustrated tutorial on Two Ways to Make an Adjustable Webbing Strap.