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Waxed Canvas Fabric Resources

I have received many requests from people asking where they can buy waxed canvas fabric. For the time being, I'm no longer selling waxed canvas, so I have put together this list to help you find what you are looking for!

PLEASE NOTE: I have not ordered waxed canvas from all of these sources. Waxed canvas fabric can vary in weight, texture, and quality. I always recommend requesting a sample if it is available from the seller. Amazon is now selling a variety of colors of waxed canvas fabrics in two different weights from Carr Textile, which is where I bought my waxed canvas when I was selling it in my shop. I can personally vouch for the quality of this product, and the price on Amazon is very competitive, especially considering that some colors are eligible for free shipping! Amazon is also a great source for Otter Wax, which can be used to wax regular duck canvas and other heavy weight fabrics. I go into detail about waxing your own fabrics in my Craftsy class. now carries a variety of colors of waxed canvas fabrics in three different weights. It seems like their stock levels are a bit unpredictable, but their selection is probably one of the largest available, they don't have minimum orders, and orders over $49 ship free!

Fancy Tiger Crafts: My favorite local craft store usually has a few colors of waxed canvas available, along with tons of other beautiful fabrics, notions, and supplies. If you live in Colorado, I highly recommend going in person!

AL Frances Textiles on Etsy: These fabrics are hand-waxed using beeswax. I know that other bag makers use these fabrics and are very happy with them, and they come in a really beautiful range of colors. 

Rough and Tumble Bags on Etsy: Mostly sells pre-made bags but often has some waxed canvas yardage in stock. 

Denver Supply Company on Etsy: Sells waxed canvas and leather straps. Currently on hiatus, but usually has a good selection.

If you are looking to order larger quantities, or you are have the ability to buy wholesale, here are two larger suppliers: 

Carr Textiles: This is where I used to source my waxed canvas for my shop. There are no minimum orders, but waxed canvas ships on a roll, and there is a cutting fee for each waxed canvas order, so it really only makes sense to purchase five yards are more. I have been very happy with my relationship with them and the level of customer service they provide.

Fairfield Textiles: This store probably has the best selection of waxed canvas and the lowest price if you are not buying wholesale; however, there is a five yard minimum, a cut charge, and shipping costs to consider. 

Have you found other waxed canvas suppliers? Pass them on and I will add them to my list!

Another option to consider is to try waxing your own fabric.  I demonstrate how to do this in my Craftsy Class. DIY waxed canvas does not turn out the same as waxed canvas purchased from the store, but it does give you more options in terms of what fabrics you can use. Otter Wax is a great product that is specifically designed to be used on fabric. It comes in a bar form or a meltable-dressing style. The bar wax is quite easy to apply, and will give you a waterproof finish for canvas fabrics.