Sew Alongs

The Benjamin Dopp Kit Sew Along: Intro and Schedule

Welcome to the Benjamin Dopp Kit Sew Along! Follow along with us for step-by-step instructions on how to make this wonderful bag. This Sew Along will contain in-depth instructions, tons of photos, and even some videos! 

A quick disclaimer: I am an amateur videographer, and all of the videos were shot on my iPhone. I hope that you find them useful and informative and forgive the less-than-perfect lighting and the fact that my head is missing from most frames. 

Whew. Now that that's out of the way, here is the schedule for the Sew Along! As we go along, I will make each of these pages a live link so that you can reference this post for all of the Sew Along steps.

Day 1: Gathering your supplies

Day 2: Cut out your bag and insert the zipper

Day 3: Sew the bottom seams

Day 4: Create the zipper tabs

Day 5: Sew the side seams and box the corners

Day 6: Add the bag bottom and bag feet and finish the bag!

Are you ready? Me too! I'll see you back here tomorrow for a discussion of the materials you will need to sew the Benjamin Dopp Kit!