Easy DIY Leather Napkin Rings for Your Holiday Table

With the holiday season fast approaching, we thought it would be a nice time to bring you a quick and easy DIY Leather Napkin Ring Tutorial. These napkin rings are a cinch to make, and they will look great on your Thanksgiving table. 

We suggest pairing these napkin rings with some lovely mitered-cornered linen napkins. Purl Soho has a wonderful video tutorial that demonstrates a great way to make perfect mitered corners, which can be found here.

To Make 8 DIY Leather Napkin Rings, you will need:

2 x 1"x26" Leather Strap

8 x 3/16" Chicago Screws

Leather punch, awl, or electric drill

Screwdriver that matches Chicago Screw Type (optional)


1) Cut your leather into 8 x 6" pieces. 

2) On each piece, make a mark 1/2" in from each short end, centered in the middle of the leather strap.

3) Use a leather punch, electric drill, or awl to make a hole at each marking.

4) Overlap the two ends of the strap to form a ring. Insert the Chicago Screw into the hole with the plain side facing up. Screw the back side of the Chichago Screw in to secure. 

That's it! Here is our quick video tutorial to show you how it's done:

Note: In the video I say you need six Chicago Screws, but you will have enough leather to make eight napkin rings if you purchase our leather straps. 

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