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Precut Waxed Canvas Fabric//Charcoal

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Waxed Canvas is a true American Heritage fabric. Our waxed canvas is 10.10 oz Army Duck fabric that is finished with a proprietary blend of waxes and oils to create a unique, durable, weather-resistant finish. 

Our Charcoal is a true dark gray.

Over time, waxed canvas wears in and attains a suede-like character, while retaining its durability and weather-resistance. 

Waxed canvas is surprisingly easy to work with- though ironing is not recommended, it can be easily creased using a bone folder or Hera Marker. We think you will love waxed canvas for your Red Rabbit Mercantile bag project!

Limited quantities available.

Learn more about working with waxed canvas here.

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Charcoal Waxed Sample.jpg